About us.

Luke grew up in the world of photography. Working with his father, one of New Zealand’s top wedding photographers for many years. Luke then allowed his passion of aesthetics & design to grow his skill set into the realm of web and graphic design.

He continued down this path studying Computer Science, Design & Psychology at university, which eventually lead him away from university to deepen his understanding of eastern psychology and yoga through travels in India.

Luke now works as a freelance web developer and yoga teacher. Drawing on the wisdom of many different disciplines to work with clients, helping them to get clear on their vision and what they want to create in the world. Then supporting their vision through the skilful development of branding, website and social presence to help them to share what they love with the world – for the good of all.


Thom is a passionate photographer who was introduced to the world of photography at a young age by his father, one of New Zealand’s top wedding photographers. Thom has recently discovered a love for aerial photography. This unique perspective from above has always fascinated him.

Thom has a desire to capture and share the fun and interesting moments in his life to inspire others in living the life that they want to live.